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A Writer's Delight

Every time I think of writing a post, I fail to find anything worth writing. The random topics that I write come to mind at times when I am not at all thinking about writing. The Mumbai Local came to me while I was working. A horrifying steep slope on one of our treks prompted me to write God of a second. A trip full of hurdles which turned to be fun with friends made me think of A Trip that wasn't. My interest in the Punjabi culture and music inspired me to write The-Lure Mehndi. Bagicha happened while studying! Out of nowhere an idea sprung into my mind and I continued with the story instead of studying. It makes me so happy that I thought of something like Bagicha.

The things around you; people, animals, vehicles, surroundings, the smell, and the actions inspire you to write. The more you observe, the more ideas you get. You have to be a good observer to be a good writer. You get inspired by these observations. The scenes in your story knowingly or unknowingly comprise of them. The Man in your story certainly does some things that you yourself might have done when put in that situation. The Girl in one of your stories might definitely look like the one in your dreams. Your best friend's favourite delicacy might be your protagonist's favourite food item too. Non-fictional events, characters definitely have an inspirational-effect on your work of fiction.

Each and every post you write gives you that immense pleasure when you hit the publish button. Your words have to be read. The review may be good or bad but when you have an audience; it inspires you to write more and write better. Networking gives you feedback. It lets you understand what people like to read; what are the silly mistakes that you make and above all the gratification that you are being read. A good network (may or may not necessarily be of bloggers) will always inspire you to continue writing and re-writing.

Happy writing!

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