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The Curious Case of a Tablet

The buyTablets were a new species in the kingdom of Consumer Electronics. What set Tablets apart from a genus of gadgets is the large screen size and enhanced viewing experience compared to a Smartphone, better portability compared to a Laptop. When I spotted this gadget which bridged the gap between a Laptop and a Smartphone, I was tempted to own one. I was thrilled with the fact that I could watch movies on a (relatively) big screen, browse the net like I do on my Laptop and of course, play magnificent games. With a Nokia‘torchwala’phone in one hand I was excited to buy a tablet which would allow me to do ‘things’ which my Nokia didn't. These ‘things’ brought with itself, some good news and some bad news.
The enjoyWhen I finally got my hands on the Tablet, I was excited. The excitement doubled because it was the first time that I would experience Android. I would spend hours with my new Tablet. I watched many movies, browsed and downloaded many games from Google Play and played g…