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Jifi in a jiffy

According to the Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014 by Ernst and Young, over 70% of the respondents used Internet banking and almost 50% used mobile banking versus a mere 36% who used branch banking.

Banking is already online. We have internet banking, mobile banking and app based banking services. What’s new is that you can now be friends with your bank. Kotak Jifi is a new age banking advancement that has given banking a new perspective – social banking. Jifi is just like any social networking site. It’s comfortable and easy to use. The innovative minds at Kotak Mahindra have given a new face to banking where users can access bank details just a tweet away. Jifi is a zero balance current account with features that ease banking. Banking is now social.

No Minimum BalanceBalance-free accounts. No need to worry about the maintaining a minimum balance in the account.
Social Banking

Once you connect your Jifi account with your twitter account, you can tweet to get your bank account details …

Black Desires

Black is the most misinterpreted of all the colours.  It is unfortunate that this colour is often seen negatively due to unjustified reasons related to superstition, racism and culture.  Black signifies mystery, sophistication and elegance.  When combined with other colours, it not only enhances the aspects of the other colour but also improves the entire visual. A woman in a traditional saree looks even more beautiful when she adorns a black bindi; a child looks even more innocent when his mother smudges black kohl on his cheek. Black is beautiful and has always been popular with the designers; be it from the fashion, automobile or the consumer electronics industry. These are the five best things in black that I would love to possess and cherish..

Range Rover Evoque
This beast on four wheels is the classiest machine in black. It has an outstanding design and the black colour demands nothing but respect.

Sony Wearable HDTV
This gorgeous black gadget is more than just an eyewear.  it throw…

The Unknown Destination

It was 2 o' clock on a Sunday morning. Ravi slept off while reading a novel. Suddenly a light gleamed into his eyes. The light was coming out of his mobile phone which he had placed on the novel. The light was so bright that he was unable to open his eyes. Has my phone turned into a superhero? Ravi thought his phone has developed super powers. He was still subconscious but was exultant that he was being the only witness to this superpower introduction.
"O wizard of the deadly night! Who art thou?” he asked his phone with his eyes still struggling to see beyond the light and hands trying to cover the eyes. He got no reply. He asked once more - still no reply. By this time, he had opened his eyes enough to see that it was Sujesh calling him. Sujesh was drunk and was in the minimum sense of recognizing the person and the reason he had called; Ravi hanged up. What was I thinking when I questioned my phone?- Aftereffects of reading children's fantasy novel. Ravi laughed at hims…