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A Nosy Affair

I was wondering whether everybody around me was getting that smell or was it only me. I checked the sole of my shoe to make sure I didn't step on something I shouldn't have had, I checked the surroundings; nothing seemed foul.  In fact, the setting was as pleasant as it could get; centralized AC, closed sliding windows, clean-white flooring and to add to that, nobody was holding a handkerchief or even making strange bewildered faces like I was. This was annoying. “What’s that smell boss?”
I was in the queue for booking tickets at a well known travel agent. Why did I even plan this trip?  Hyperbole! Why did I choose this day to book tickets?? That’s better! My asking questions and talking to myself was not at all distracting my nose, which was displaying extraordinary smelling skills today from the past thirty minutes. I order you; Stop smelling!
In despair, I started smelling the form and the notes in my hand. Ah! They smell wonderful. My sister had told me to take my 2 year old…

Mukesh Chhabra: The Cast-o-grapher

When was the last time you said after watching a movie, “Ah! That new chap was good. What’s his name?” You might have even tried to google ‘that actor’ who caught your attention. Ever wondered who discovers these new talents? The overwhelming number of talented actors; be it from the theaters or the NSD or the other acting schools, has given rise to a new class of professionals in Bollywood whose job is to find out the face(new or nurtured) of that character in the script – The Casting Director. Of course somebody always did the casting; may be the producer or the director but being a casting director, is now being in a completely different trade. It is a sought after profession now-a-days with a casting director also getting his/her name mentioned in the credits. Didn’t notice? Check out the start credits when you catch a movie next time. And while you will be doing that, the name that you will find the most number of times will be Mukesh Chhabra.
Mukesh, in his early thirties has don…