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On Ram Gopal Verma's Sarkar

A movie goer’s perception of Ram Gopal Varma is no more like it was a few years back. A decade ago he made Sarkar. I wanted the Govinda Govinda theme to start playing as soon as I said ‘Sarkar’ in the previous sentence. This tune holds up the omnipotence of Sarkar throughout the movie. Theme songs have always worked in favour of the characters. The theme which plays whenever Maaya bhai and his gang emerges out a winner in Shootout At Lokhandwala or the theme tune in Guru which worked wonders to emphasize Gurubhai's control on the situation in those scenes where the tune was used.
RGV is known for crime based movies like Siva, Satya, Shool and Company. He credits Sarkar as a tribute to the classic film - The Godfather. If Mumbai ka king kaun?.. Bhiku Mhatre is the man who lives life to the fullest for himself, Sarkar is people’s man just like Sultan Mirza but not the one who says Dua me yaad rakhna; Sarkar says, Me kisiko sochne se nahi..karne se rokta hu - such is the power of th…

What A Pav!

You know you are eating a wonderful wada pav when after eating one, you instinctively say, “Oo, ajun ek dya!” This superhit movie called Vada Pav stars two legends in the lead role; the potato and the besan. These two have been a part of many other superhits like the Bread Pakoda and the Batata Bhaji. While the potato is a part of many other scrumptious delicacies like Aloo Chat, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Gobi, Masala Dosa, it is most known for the exquisite desi superhit called Aloo Paratha and the international superhit French Fries. The Besan on the other hand is part of the majority snack items like the Jhunka Bhakar, Pitla, Gol Bhaji, Palak Bhaji, Besan Laddu amongst others.
Though the potato and the besan are the leads, the supporting start cast can definitely not be ignored. The lip-smacking taste that lightens up every taste bud in your mouth, comes from the amalgamation of the variety of Indian spices and the chutney that is served along with the vada pav. Worth a mention is the Ging…

On Shoojit Sircar's Piku

Bhaskar or ratherBhaashkoris a constipated old man who feels that there definitely could be something medically wrong with him due to his old age. He makes Piku check his blood pressure whenever he gets angry – Even when he is asked to do normal blood tests; he checks reports for other body functions too, just to be sure.
He brazenly talks about constipation every time, which annoys Piku and often spoils her public image. Piku is not a vaargin; she is sexually and financially independent-as Bhaskar describes her in front of an almost stranger in a party. He reasons Piku not to get married because women who get married and serve husbands are of low IQ.
Rana Chaudhary is the owner of a travel agency who provides permanent cab services to the firm where Piku works. He has his own life problems – his mother, his sister and Piku. Piku often gets late due to Bhaskar’s tantrums and hurries the drivers to speed up, eventually ending up with an accident every second day.
The movie is a road trip…