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Rendezvous with the Chinese

The Panchsheel Agreement was signed between India and China in 1954. This agreement stated the five prinaciples as: 1. Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty, 2. Mutual non-aggression, 3. Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs, 4. Equality and mutual benefit, and 5. Peaceful co-existence.

It was around this time that the slogan “Hindi Chini Bhai-Bhai” came up to encourage peace amongst the two nations. Fifty seven years after the agreement, I got a chance to interact with the Chini Bhai’s. Here is the experience shared...
 I was definitely nervous entering that room- setting the projector and making some other arrangements for a presentation that I was to conduct.  The nervousness was more because the audience was Chinese. I had never interacted with a foreigner before so closely.
I was having a glass of water when a Chinese entered in- he was the Team Leader.  I smiled and greeted him. He replied with a brilliant smile only to make his…

Realization (A Story)

The clock was ticking at 10 in the night. Cool breeze flowed in as the bus glided on the roads of Mumbai. There were many sounds happening- honking vehicles- murmuring commuters but Shishir was in his own world with his earphones on.
The bus was about to reach Azaad Maidan where he had to get down. Boom! Shishir heard a loud sound and before he could interpret anything out of that sound, he found himself lying on the road. He could see a dozen people dead scattered around him. There was smoke all over the place. The bus he was travelling was reduced to scraps. It was a bomb blast- Shishir realized.
People gathered near the blast spot and started carrying victims to a nearby hospital. A man came to Shishir to pick him up. Shishir told him that he was fine and the man should help other victims instead.  The man didn’t listen to Shishir and started to lift him up. Shishir was stunned to see that the man lifted up his body but Shishir was still lying on the road. Shishir could see his body…

God of a second

When you go trekking, you are sure to see nature’s amazing beauty that takes your breath away and when you go trekking with bad shoes, you are sure to experience and be a part of moments that take your breath away!
You can imagine how a moment of having your heart in your mouth feels like. I was 5-7 minutes into such a situation when I went trekking to Sudhagad, a fort in Raigad, Maharashtra. Thanks to a friend of mine (rather his shoes) who was with me with even worse pair of shoes than mine. We were being God to each other! I say so because when you slip off a slope and a hand supports you, you feel that you are the luckiest person in the world at that moment. Slipping and supporting at every step, we finally climbed up the small steep part of the hill.
I can’t describe the feeling of happiness and a departing fear to you guys, it’s just to be experienced rather it must be experienced. So go out, climb up to some Forts and write blogs and update your status!