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Dabbang 2 (2012): Reviewed

      Arbaaz Khan owns a brand called Dabbang and its brand ambassador is none other than the crowd entertainer - Salman Khan. It seems that whenever Arbaaz Khan will be in need of money, he will release a Dabbang :-D.  The impact that Salman Khan makes on the masses could be seen by the whistles and cheers every time he made a gigantic entry. Some of his acts and stunts remind me of Rajnikant.  I had decided not to watch the movie in a multiplex to experience the craze for Salman but I did not miss a percent of the thrill, the aura even in the multiplex.
     Arbaaz Khan annoys you by inserting songs at equal intervals. Though you will like the songs but will somebody please concentrate on the plot? Oh! There is no plot. The movie runs for 2 hours by the grace of Salman Khan, Mind-blowing Action sequences and Kareena-Mallaika yukt item numbers (more whistles and cheers and comments!) Sonakshi Sinha sulks (read ‘sulks’, it’s not a spelling mistake) in the entire movie. Prakash …

Talaash (2012): Revewed

Advanced Search  The movie starts with random scenes from the darker side of Mumbai followed by the accident scene (supperb!). The movie takes us through a detailed investigation of this accident which involves  a superstar Armaan Kapoor. Director Reema Kagti shrewdly blends  Surjan Singh Shekhawat’s (Aamir Khan) personal life and the Talaash-shuda life. The story co-written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar is gripping throughout. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the character so proficiently that he makes you think that he limps in real-life too. Kareena Kapoor plays a prostitute named Rosy who helps Aamir in the investigation and also with his disturbed maritial life with Rani Mukherjee. The intemission  kind of breaks the flow of a very cautiously threaded movie. The climax disappoints. It definitely stuns you but with Aamir Khan out there I expected a supperb ending to the thriller. The songs donot disturb. A special mention to Farhan Akhtar  for the dialogues and Anurag Kashyap for the add…