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Ronald Fernandes - A Healthy Baby?

When a child is born into a family, there is a wave of excitement that keeps the entire family cheerful. The happiness is infectious. The baby is the centre of attraction. Every day starts and ends with the baby. Some days don't even end when the baby decides to spoil everyone's sleep by crying his heart out. Such a wave was in our family when Mr. and Mrs. Fernandes had their first child - Ronald. Ronald is 13 now. About twelve years ago, Ronald's typical day started off by crying. He might have felt like he has arrived into a completely different universe when he woke up; or he might probably be freaked out when he asked himself this simple question and failed to answer it - Where was I until now?
Ronald was a healthy child and feeding him was never a problem. While aunties in other houses would think of different ideas just get a morsel through their little one's mouth, Fernandes aunty would finish off her job sitting in one place because Ronald did not do any tantr…