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When I was in Love...(A Story)

"The moon did not look bigger. I did not smile for no reason. I did not feel that the sun is shining brighter for me. My heartbeat did not increase whenever I our eyes met. I did not dance on roads. No background music would play when I started singing. I did not develop a liking for the 'red' colour. Nothing happened as they show in the movies, but I was in Love!
       She was good friends with me. I loved the way She talked. I loved Her smile, Her actions, Her expressions, Her laughter though I did not love to see Her cry. I so much wanted to express my feelings to Her but the coward-and-pessimist-me never allowed me to do so.
       Then one day I decided not to tell Her anything. That was the day when I got to know that She loved someone and that 'someone' was not me. She used to mention him many times when She talked to me. I never liked that. I was sad.  She did not even know that I loved Her so much. Then one day I decided to tell Her, but what if it …