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The Curious Case of a Tablet

A Tablet

The buy

Tablets were a new species in the kingdom of Consumer Electronics. What set Tablets apart from a genus of gadgets is the large screen size and enhanced viewing experience compared to a Smartphone, better portability compared to a Laptop. When I spotted this gadget which bridged the gap between a Laptop and a Smartphone, I was tempted to own one. I was thrilled with the fact that I could watch movies on a (relatively) big screen, browse the net like I do on my Laptop and of course, play magnificent games. With a Nokia ‘torchwala’ phone in one hand I was excited to buy a tablet which would allow me to do ‘things’ which my Nokia didn't. These ‘things’ brought with itself, some good news and some bad news.

The enjoy

When I finally got my hands on the Tablet, I was excited. The excitement doubled because it was the first time that I would experience Android. I would spend hours with my new Tablet. I watched many movies, browsed and downloaded many games from Google Play and played games all the time.

The why

The tab brought loads of entertainment with it. Big screen big entertainment to be precise.  The first time I started questioning my buying a tablet was when I started having annoying backaches after alighting the bus. But with any other tablet, I would have faced this problem of neck sprain and back aches because the design remained same across all the Tablets available. The main reason for this was that they were not ergonomically designed.

The pie

A research conducted in the US on the usage of tablet across ages showed the following results. The results raised a concern because the the usage among the teenagers was drastically high. Bad sitting positions would lead to serious body problems in the near future.

The lie

My Tablet took away half the picture quality when it was tilted or I am not looking straight into it. This would be very annoying because the main reason for my buying a tablet was videos, and I was not able to watch them with a ‘tilted’ tab. It goes against the company’s promise that it provides the best picture quality.

The Tablet ate up so much battery that when not in use, it would always be plugged in to charge.

The better way

Reading a book while travelling is common but nobody get sprains in the neck or back aches while reading a book. Why is it that while using a tablet, people strain their eyes and get into a bad reading position?  The term is ergonomics. Ergonomics is a study by which a gadget is designed to suit the person using it and to maximize productivity. The most important aspect of the tablet was unfortunately the most ignored one; its design. The users and the manufacturers seemed to adjust and adhere themselves to a conventional design of the Tab. However, Lenovo went creative and designed a tablet which can be held like a book.

Thinking creatively not only helps us be more productive but it also brings the enthusiasm back into what seemed to be dull.

Watching movies on the go is a good idea; a better way would be adjusting the Tablet and not your position, for a better view.

Holding the Tablet in your hand is good idea; a better way would be to keep it on a table or a desk or car or a sofa or your bed while you enjoy a comfortable position on the couch.

Reading an e-book is fine but holding it with ease like you hold a printed book is much more comfortable.

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet

The ideal buy

Having used a Tablet and researched a good number of other Tablets while buying one, gave me an idea of the variety of Tablets available. A fast processor, an optimum RAM, a good camera with flash and other common features were available in different price brackets. The more you pay, the better features you get.

The extra features which I didn't find across the varieties available are;
  •        A USB drive
  •        A Detachable Keyboard
  •        Multiple 3.5 mm ports

Given that Tablets are a portable option to computers; these are the features that I would look forward to having in a Tablet too. Hopefully my second outing with a Tablet would be a better experience and I use it in a better way.

P.S. This post is written as a submission to win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet in a contest by Indiblogger. 


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