How IT All Started

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Often thinking positive and thinking forward can solve a mighty portion of glitches in your life. When nothing is going your way, you still have to continue working towards that hope which drives you from failure to failure.

Dreams are relative. When I was in school, I thought getting an engineering degree was enough to rest for the rest of my life. In college, there was a new task other than studying – getting placed. There would typically be four rounds; aptitude test, group discussion, technical interview and personal interview. For these four rounds there would be four hundred students from different branches of engineering because even if you select any branch for those four years, you end up coding software programs for the rest of your life. Nobody knows the reason for this spectacular phenomena because the day somebody cracks the reason, we will not have fresh electronics engineers thinking – “Why did we study diodes, transmitters and semi-conductors for four Julian years?”

Getting placed - Season 1. After four years of fun, now was the time to go to the cyber café and search answers for frequently asked interview questions. The companies would typically start coming in for placements during the seventh semester and continue till the eighth semester and post that for some time. The initial few interviews were a mix of excitement and anxiety. As interviewers kept on rejecting, the excitement part was gone. Every time, someone amongst our group would also get placed, so the number of us going together for the interview was continuously reducing. The final year results were still not out but since our friends were getting placed the only thing on our mind that time was to get placed as soon as possible.

Finally I get placed. A Pune based company offered me a profile in Image Processing; something which I learnt as a subject in seventh semester. Two of us from our college were placed. Both of us were from Mumbai. We started looking out for houses on rent places to eat in Pune. We were finally relaxed that the next time a company comes for placement; it would just be a backup company for us. But all our discussions, facebook status updates and dreams went in vain when we both got a call from the HR saying that the client had reduced the required number of candidates, so we were rejected.

Getting placed - Season 2. The routine started again. The university results were out. A couple of rejections later, I was sitting in front of an HR on a Sunday after clearing the technical interview earlier that day and the aptitude test on the day before. I had a positive feeling throughout those interview rounds. I was happy that day. Somewhere down my mind, I knew that I had cracked the interview and even if I was rejected, I was happy that I did well. On my way back I was so exhilarated that I enjoyed every second of that huge 100 minute travel. I got the offer letter on Wednesday and the joining date was the Monday in the next week.  ..and this is how I got into IT.

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