Black Desires

Black is the most misinterpreted of all the colours.  It is unfortunate that this colour is often seen negatively due to unjustified reasons related to superstition, racism and culture.  Black signifies mystery, sophistication and elegance.  When combined with other colours, it not only enhances the aspects of the other colour but also improves the entire visual. A woman in a traditional saree looks even more beautiful when she adorns a black bindi; a child looks even more innocent when his mother smudges black kohl on his cheek. Black is beautiful and has always been popular with the designers; be it from the fashion, automobile or the consumer electronics industry. These are the five best things in black that I would love to possess and cherish..

Range Rover Evoque

Source: Evoque
This beast on four wheels is the classiest machine in black. It has an outstanding design and the black colour demands nothing but respect.

Sony Wearable HDTV

Source: Sony
This gorgeous black gadget is more than just an eyewear.  it throws up a 750-inch screen in your face. It the changes your movie viewing experience.


Source: Rook No. 17
For me, blackboard connotes school days. Getting a blackboard would mean getting back my school days. I would love to get those school days and the childhood back. 


Source: Filmfare
The lady in black. I know this one is amusing and insane but I desire to win this black lady someday. 

Kala Jamun

Source: Kamat Shireen
I could not have missed this one. Even if I get this today, I would crave for it again, the next day. This dark brother of Gulab Jamun has that tempting smell and an enchanting taste that makes your heart go ‘Ahaaa!’

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