Balak-Palak (2013): Reviewed

Baryachda Paha (BP)

|| Su-sangati sada ghado su-jan vakya kani pado
Kalank Maticha zado Vishay sarvatha navdo
Sadanghri-Kamali dado Muradita Hatane ado
Viyog ghadata rado Man bhavccharritri Jado
Gurur bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur devo Maheshwara
Gurur sakshat parabramha Tasmai shrigurve namaha ||

The story set in the mid 1980’s  is about four inquisitive teenagers - Avya, Chiu, Dolly, Bhagya. In their quest to find the answers to the questions their parents fail to retort, they find a sexually enlightened Vishu who is almost the same age . Vishu tutors the four protagonists with adult books and adult movies (BP). The  curiousity to know more makes these kids grow older  in a very small age. Many funny scenes including how these guys read those books, make arrangements to watch the movie, getting almost caught, fall in love with a 22 year old (Sai Tamhankar plays a bold chatacter once again after No Entry (2012)) makes it a fantastic rib-tickling show.

After critically acclaimed Natarang and Balgandharva, director Ravi Jadhav presents yet another promising venture with Balak-Palak. He handles this bold topic very cautiously to explain both parents and the children to talk, be friends with each other. He makes us roll in the aisles in the first half and then makes us realize the gravity of the subject matter in the second half.

We also have a glimpse of Late Anand Abhyankar. Kishore Kadam (brilliant) plays a society elder who keeps an eye on all the children and also shows them the right way as the film moves on. Vishal-Shekar make a foray into Marathi Music (I love it!). The movie is co-produced by Mumbai  Film Company (Riteish Deshmukh’s production house). Watch the movie for lots of laughter. Watch it with your family if you have  some doubts  regarding the inner desires! Watch it even if you are a Vishu :-D but do not miss this brilliant cinema.


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