A Boy named Alcohol

This boy is petite but perilous. His eyes are red. He has a big belly. He has a lungful of dirty air which smells foul.  Everyone knows this little boy. His name is Alcohol. He belongs to the family of killers. This little boy mesmerizes you, enters your body and makes you behave as he desires. This kid is carefree, emotional, expressive, fun-loving, and obstinate. He is still learning to walk so he makes it difficult even for you to balance yourself on this giant ball called Earth which is rotating at a speed of 1670 kilometers/hour!

This boy is moody. Sometimes he likes to go crazy and dance wild and sometimes he just gets emotional over a trivial issue that did not go your way – He will cry and sing songs. He feels that he is the best singer or the best performer in the world. He hates everything and loves anything. He swears the whole world and asks for forgiveness.

This little boy also has adult fantasies. Driving is just another game for him. He likes girls and money. He robs. He is insensitive. He talks rubbish. He is referred to as Haram (sinful, anything that displeases God) in Islam He is good at making friends.  He will be your best friend and the see to it that he is the only friend. He has some bad friends; LSD, Heroin, Cocaine, Hashish among others. Fear this boy and stay away from him. The boy may look good and attractive but he kills. He literally kills. This boy should be vomited and thrown out for the good of society. 


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