Art Thou Smart?

Someone someday said and has said it spot-on that having a smartphone does not necessarily make you smart. Your phone is smart and you have to use it smartly. It all depends on how you spend time with your phone; how many nitty-gritty details you get into or how many hours can you play Candy Crush continuously. Using the smartphone effectively is more about cleaning the app cache for Candy Crush than playing Candy Crush because if you concentrate only on the latter then your phone is going to crush someday. It will lag. Just like your bike needs servicing to keep kicking the roads, your phone also needs servicing– cleaning app cache, system cache, residual, files, unused files will help your processor get more breathing space. Killing unused app processes will keep your RAM free. When these two #technocrats are happy, your phone is happy. Take care of your phone.

Phones today are loaded with so many features that life has become so much easier. Everything is a touch away. Book a movie ticket – Book my show, Buy a phone – Flipkart, Book a cab – ride now or later; Ola,  buying  groceries, doing an exercise, remembering a task, lighting a torch, booking travel tickets, identifying an unknown song  –  there is an app for everything and anything.  Even plumbers and electricians are now just an app away. These killer devices can do so much more than just calling, messaging and emailing and yet you smash them on the floor when you are angry. It is time these stalwarts deserve more respect that you ever gave them.

With the ever evolving technology, a smartphone available last year and now has huge technical differences. The camera, RAM, processors, screen size, internal memories and expandable memories change for good. Processors are going octacore, the batteries nowadays are as huge as 3000mAH – 4000mAH, RAMs are as huge as we’d have had in our PCs a few years ago and the cameras are going crazy. One of the biggest platforms for these smartphones; the Android OS also updates to one version sweeter every year. The smartphone manufacturers also keep up with the updates and work on their own custom layers above the base OS to release them to users. And when I say smartphone manufacturers, there are quite a few Indian players on the field and giving a tough game to their South Korean and Japanese counterparts; even outdoing them. A Chinese mobile phone manufacturing giant recently set up its assembly line in Andhra Pradesh. There is a lot happening in the country. We are all part of unbelievable intelligence and innovation.  Brace yourself and see the infographic at the end of the post.

The basic purpose of a phone which I always believe to be vocal communication is also undergoing changes. By now everyone is familiar with the famous girl who challenges everyone to try her famous telecom service provider’s 4G network. Obviously the ads invited a lot of mockery but with 4G in place, video calls, downloads, uploads are going to be faster than ever. And having said that, I hope that the service rates are not as high as the speeds.

With great power comes great responsibility. The wise people working for technology are always going to better it year after year. Smartphones will be getting more powerful year after year. Their assistant friends like the smart watch, the smart band, the bluetooth headsets are also getting more powerful and intelligent.  So, with that powerful device in your custody, make sure you use it to its maximum potential and not play some stupid games in it.


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