On Shoojit Sircar's Piku

Bhaskar or rather Bhaashkor is a constipated old man who feels that there definitely could be something medically wrong with him due to his old age. He makes Piku check his blood pressure whenever he gets angry – Even when he is asked to do normal blood tests; he checks reports for other body functions too, just to be sure. 

He brazenly talks about constipation every time, which annoys Piku and often spoils her public image. Piku is not a vaargin; she is sexually and financially independent-as Bhaskar describes her in front of an almost stranger in a party. He reasons Piku not to get married because women who get married and serve husbands are of low IQ.

Rana Chaudhary is the owner of a travel agency who provides permanent cab services to the firm where Piku works. He has his own life problems – his mother, his sister and Piku. Piku often gets late due to Bhaskar’s tantrums and hurries the drivers to speed up, eventually ending up with an accident every second day.  

The movie is a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata; from the branches to the roots. Rana takes them on this road trip. Rana gives tips to Bhaskar to tackle constipation; he bonds well with both of them as the trip progresses as the story gradually bonds with the viewers as the movie progresses.

Writer Juhi Chaturvedi and Director Shoojit Sircar had earlier worked together on Vicky Donor. They have portrayed both these otherwise loathsome topics; sperm donation and constipation in a subtle style. Thumbs up to the responsible and thoughtful writing which never makes you say - Yuck!

Advertisements in movies now –a-days are common but the way in which advertisements are embedded in Piku is worth learning. Apart from the main road trip, there are two more rides, both in Kolkata that Sircar takes you for - One with Piku and Rana in the car – Other with Bhaskar on the cycle. Both These trips are filled with beautiful scenes. The film also has delicious close ups of various foodstuffs over lunch which makes the popcorn and pepsi in your hands, a lacklustre.

And since it talks so much about bowel movements and constipation, Piku can literally and aptly be called a motion picture.


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