Karma And Me

Running away from truth is probably an easy way but not the farthest.  The easy way also has that feeling of guilt that crushes you from the inside. Your conscience nudges you constantly that you did something which is not quite right.  On a lighter note, Akshay Kumar quotes in the movie Entertainment that ‘Truth hurts because it has a point!’ Pun intended in that line!

Circumstances force us to lie. These circumstances are mostly avoidable beforehand but when we do not do that, we lie. Talking of experiencing circumstances makes me remember a circumstance which forced me to lie. It was a fast paced evening just as any other day in Mumbai; full of people with no time in hand running haphazardly. I and my friend Amey arrive at Thane railway station. There was a huge queue for tickets. We were short of two things; tickets and time. To save time we skipped tickets. We were so unaware that after 30 minutes at Bandra railway station, even the ticket collector will skip all others to check us to save time. That’s Karma.

Back to the present time at Thane railway station; after skipping the tickets we decided to skip stations by catching a fast train. We boarded the train with a thousand other men who were out of time and ready to run when their station arrives. We somehow made our way into the rush. This was the first time we gave a thought to the point that India's rising population needs to be controlled. With every passing station my urge to look at my watch increased. Though I knew roughly the time around which we would reach Bandra for the music concert. It was free for anyone with a college id. The moment I remembered ‘college id’, the urge to check my college id in the left pocket of my jeans outdid the urge to check the time. The inquisitiveness was killing me.

Finally after 30 minutes, I checked the time and the id; both were there. “Ticket”, said the TC in a husky voice while I had completely forgotten that we had skipped the tickets earlier. We were bewildered at the coincidence of circumstance. Deep in our minds we both had this question jolting us, “How did he know?”

The actor within us didn’t take time to come out. I didn’t have any wallet; only some money in my shirt pocket. I said that we had taken the tickets but our wallets got stolen while boarding the train. The TC started to check us for the wallets when Amey realized that he had bought his wallet. He interfered and said, “Only his wallet got stolen.” We mumbled and the TC caught us. We accepted our mistake and told him the truth. The TC left us after an oral beating. We ran for the concert relieved that we were not fined.

P.S. This post is written for Kinley Happy Hours by Indiblogger and Kinley.


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