The Times Of The Rhymes

Children teach us a lot. Their innocent and curious souls may throw light at things that you may have never thought of. Childhood memories are pleasant.

I was a slow learner as a child but learning slow was fun. We didn’t have that inner voice telling us constantly that we have to score well in exams. All came at a constant pace and came naturally. What helped was the tunes and actions associated with the rhymes. The actions were not mere face gestures and little hand movements; they included running at one place, jumping, laughing and clapping too. I loved this particular rhyme: If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. Watch the video below,

Clapping, jumping and saying hurray with whole heart was so much fun. I remember the last day of school - Class 10 in 2004, we decided to revisit this rhyme amongst others. The entire class sang the rhyme; clapped, stamped and said hurray till the time our teachers interfered and stopped us!
There is a very famous story that was everyone’s favourite. Watch the video below,

There was a story recital competition and I selected the Thirsty Crow story. I loved this story so much that whenever I used to get a chance at family events or social events, I used to tell this story with all the hand gestures, emotions and the moral. But on that dreadful evening when I was on stage, I forgot the story. I still remember that I was so frightened that I could just not remember the lines. I was sad that night but now it brings a smile to my face. Childhood memories are sweet and we should cherish them for the rest of our lives. These memories come handy during the low times of our lives.

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