Elizabeth Ekadashi (2014): Reviewed

November Ekadashi

|| एनर्जी आत्मा वगैरे मंडळी
कधीच बदलत नाही
फक्त रूप बदलते, ह्यातून त्यात
त्यातून ह्यात ||

After delivering a bunch of superhit marathi movies like Lai Bhaari, Duniyadari, Kaaksparsh, Natarang, Essel Vision has come up with a sweet children oriented movie set in Pandharpur. The film gets its timing right with its release date on Children’s Day and just after Kartik Ekadashi.

Paresh Mokashi of Harishchandrachi Factory fame strikes a chord with the next generation with a group of talented kids in the movie. Shrirang, Sayali, Pushkar playing Dnyana, Zendu and Ganya respectively act so effortlessly that it almost feels that they have lived the characters from birth.

Dnyana’s family has a loan to pay off. The bank guys snatch the sweater weaving machine, which is the only source of income, as mortgage. However, the bank gives them a deal – Pay Rs. 5000, take the machine back and the interest will also be waived off. But 5000 is a huge amount for them. Dnyana's pet Elizabeth; a decorative bicycle is a gift from his father who is no more and his mother tries to sell it off as the last recourse to pay the loan.  The movie is about the struggle that the mother and the children do to pay for the loan.

Director Paresh Mokashi use laws of Newton and blends it with philosophy and spirituality. He says ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ to preach ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’’ Dnyana fondly called as Pandharpur’s Newton is shown preaching against blind faith. He teaches older men and women not to kill animals in the name of God.

The music throughout the movie keeps your feet tapping. The background score is filled with dholki and cymbals and abhangs which give you the essence of Pandharpur.

Take your younger self and your younger ones to this light hearted story. A one-time must watch.


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