The Dirty Post

You say it a dozen times and yet do not mind repeating it for the thirteenth time. You shamelessly say some words in English which when deciphered may sound hilariously and ridiculously funny.

“Oh Shit!” we say that in English. Try saying the same in your mother tongue and you will realize that you are talking Shit. The F-word follows the same. The usage of the F-word is so f****** common that people don’t give a shit about what the word F*** actually means. If our bosses are assholes they must definitely be speaking shit!  If everything in the world is bullshit, the smell must be awful.

Does that mean that we do not think as much in English as we think in our mother tongue? I wonder how words with the same meaning have different decency levels when it comes to the language in which we utter the word. So the next time you enthrone anybody with words like bastard, swine, son of a pig, think twice! - Just kidding, don’t give a shit! If somebody is an asshole he’d  better be called an asshole.


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