When I was in Love...(A Story)

       "The moon did not look bigger. I did not smile for no reason. I did not feel that the sun is shining brighter for me. My heartbeat did not increase whenever I our eyes met. I did not dance on roads. No background music would play when I started singing. I did not develop a liking for the 'red' colour. Nothing happened as they show in the movies, but I was in Love!

       She was good friends with me. I loved the way She talked. I loved Her smile, Her actions, Her expressions, Her laughter though I did not love to see Her cry. I so much wanted to express my feelings to Her but the coward-and-pessimist-me never allowed me to do so.

       Then one day I decided not to tell Her anything. That was the day when I got to know that She loved someone and that 'someone' was not me. She used to mention him many times when She talked to me. I never liked that. I was sad.  She did not even know that I loved Her so much. Then one day I decided to tell Her, but what if it does not work out; what if it does! The dilemma always prevailed and still it is..."

       "Caught you!", exclaimed Neha as Shishir was writing about his love life at a camp they went along with their friends. Neha grabbed the paper and started reading. Shishir had his heart in his mouth for a moment, but as he looked Neha read the story, he got completely lost in Her. He was secretly admiring the Girl he loved. "So, who is the girl?", asked Neha, but Shishir heard nothing. Neha repeated the question with a pat on his shoulder. "Nobody, Its just a story", said Shishir and walked away...


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