Things Anna did apart from a hunger-strike

मै भी अन्ना,
तू भी अन्ना,
अब तो सारा देश है अन्ना..

Each and every Indian may know Anna Hazare and his hunger strike by now. He also did some things apart from a hunger strike. I have rounded on some of those things in this blog.

Anna brought together the people of different caste, creeds, religion together on the roads, grounds protesting against the corrupt government. He showed us the non-violent way of protesting.

Anna taught how to successfully organize a protest (to the likes of Baba Ramdev!). He revealed the selfish and the narrow-minded politicians. Mayawati and the like-Mayawati-minded people need to know that the fight led by Anna was not of a Lower-Caste-India or Upper-Caste-India, it was the fight of the common man-the fight of an entity called India. Anna also ridiculed the always-in-a-mood-to-ridicule politician Laloo Prasad Yadav!

Anna gave the crazy bikers a reason to create havoc on the roads in his name. He gave smugglers of animal skin a new code word (Two men were arrested in Jaipur for allegedly smuggling panther skins using the code word 'I Am Anna').

Anna gave the news channels, enough good content to keep away from the darindaas and the bhoot-pishaachs. He gave the people of India a reason to watch the Parliament session Live on TV. He comfortably took away the spotlight away from the Indian cricketers who were playing(?) in England. This helped the cricketers receive relatively less criticism for their 4-0 loss to England.

I salute His Awesomeness, Mr. Kisan Hazare for being the voice of the common man. A 74 year old going 13 days without food is just awesome. One more thing he did apart from the hunger strike is that he gave bloggers like me, a topic to write on. Thank you Anna!


  1. "Anna bought together the people of different caste, creeds, religion...."

    I reckon you meant, 'Anna brought people....'

  2. Yes...thanks for the correction Shantanu :)

  3. very true..
    kudos to anna, and his active followers

  4. in the movie "Ajacha divas mazha they have shown a small weakness of Anna" and to my knowledge its bad-luckily true...Anyway i love anna!!

  5. Oh! ... will watch the movie then... Thanks for reading :)


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