Leaves and (genuine) Excuses

In a seven day week, after getting a weekend off, still when you need to go out shopping or attend a friend’s engagement or watch a movie with your old friends or go out with your girlfriend or receive your “dooor ke rishtedaar” at a station or pay your utility bills or you fall ill-on a weekday, all you have to do is to take a day off.  To take a day off you need an excuse (a genuine one). All the excuses stated above may sound very genuine but the most genuine and accepted and unquestionable excuse is- falling ill!

A classic excuse for a day one day leave is definitely “having motions!”  Its not only the biggies but right from our school days we give excuses (take leaves). Remember the Leave Notes that we had? Every leave had to be accompanied with “Reason for absence!!” This is the column where Creative Imagination of a man gets used. Our parents used to do it when we were small but now we manage it ourselves! We have a range of diseases to choose from. Right from having cold, cough, fever to just “not feeling well”.

Giving the other not-so-genuine excuses for a leave may end you up in a situation where you might have to answer the question, “Was it so necessary for ‘you’ to go?” This question implicitly questions the genuineness of your excuse so better fall ill than attend a marriage ceremony!

“Ouch, my stomach is paining!!” I should take leave from you all now and have some rest.  You take care and stay healthy :-)


  1. Hmm
    aale baraka lakhyat ......
    Actually jyachi jalte na tyalach kalate .....

  2. hehehe mahiti he tu suttivar hota te.....aani tujha genuine excuse pan lakshyaat alaa!!


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