God of a second

When you go trekking, you are sure to see nature’s amazing beauty that takes your breath away and when you go trekking with bad shoes, you are sure to experience and be a part of moments that take your breath away!

You can imagine how a moment of having your heart in your mouth feels like. I was 5-7 minutes into such a situation when I went trekking to Sudhagad, a fort in Raigad, Maharashtra. Thanks to a friend of mine (rather his shoes) who was with me with even worse pair of shoes than mine. We were being God to each other! I say so because when you slip off a slope and a hand supports you, you feel that you are the luckiest person in the world at that moment. Slipping and supporting at every step, we finally climbed up the small steep part of the hill.

I can’t describe the feeling of happiness and a departing fear to you guys, it’s just to be experienced rather it must be experienced. So go out, climb up to some Forts and write blogs and update your status!


  1. haha .... maine yeh miss kar diya that..... enjoyed more while reading then watching it happening in real.


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