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Resolve to Type

Image i have my own blog now. Going back some 3-4 years, when I was in college, I really wanted to write- have my own blog- publish a book- wear glasses like these writers do! Though I never worked on becoming one.

      There are 'so many' things that I resolved up till now. Only a handful of them saw the light of the day. Of so many resolutions that didn't come true I regret Writing and Reading the most. I love to write but hate to read. I will prefer watching a 3 hour movie on a popular book than actually reading the book for a week- a month- a year.... There are so many books that I have read 12 pages-8 pages- 1 page! I will never figure out Reading I guess.
      Writing is one thing I want to continue. In this age of computers, I was so much fond of having my own typewriter some years back but even this resolution of mine, failed. I have a computer now and the least I can do is Resolve to Type- resolve to WRITE!