Change to #StartANewLife

Change is inevitable. Change is for good. There are many situations in life where you sit, think and decide. You adapt to something very different than your existing routine.  Risks are important to do good and live better. These risks are nothing but changes to #StartANewLife.

A big decision in my life came when I decided to buy a home. I was not sure but I had to make this purchase sometime in life. It was just that I had not decided what time. The increasing retail rates were the obvious reason that convinced me to buy a home immediately. Buying a home is an interesting task that can get boring if you overdo it. Many of my friends have already booked a home a home. The common mistake that everyone makes is looking at too many homes. They all had seen so many homes that they were spoilt for choice and in the end the negotiation would be – konsa bhi le le, bohot ho gaya. Even I came upon this situation because the investment Is so much that we spontaneously go on looking if there is still a better choice.

There were many factors while buying ‘that’ home; location, carpet area, rate, availability of daily needs, doctors, schools were some of them. Getting a home that had all the amenities was tough. On top of these factors, each of my family members had different priorities to make the job even tougher. Finalizing on any one of the house amidst increasing rates and decreasing carpet areas is so annoying that I had given up on the idea of buying a house. That’s when my father told me that the rates are going to be increasing for ever - If you want to buy a home, you should act now. So we went ahead to see some more homes and decided on one. This was a big decision especially when you do not have a salary to back up your decision. The EMIs were eating up half of my salary. The entire lifestyle changed. Even my family was affected by this decision. I was pound foolish till then and now this change had made e penny wise.

But this change brought a sense of security to me. This investment was like a backup for me; an ever increasing asset. Any change that brings goodwill and that takes you forward in your life is good. Now, when I look back I feel good about the decision. I feel good about the entire process involved right from the nourishing the idea of buying a home to calculating EMIs and then finally booking one. It is only when you change for good that you #StartANewLife.

P.S: This is written as a part of #StartANewLife activity by Housing.


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