The Mudaliar and The Mudaliar Circle

A 110% true South Indian right from his name to his french beard and his heavy South-Indian accent. I do not know him personally or professionally but he is so loud and happening in his work-area that each and every person sitting within a circle of radius of about 10m with Mudaliar as the center (The Mudaliar circle), would be knowing him just a little less than personally. Wondering about that weird geometrical example reference that I used? Mudaliar has a knack using such weird references; “Jab gaadi waqt pe platform pe nai aati, tab tum kya karte ho? Rukte ho na? To fir ruko na. Gaadi ayega o horn bajayega. Mai bhi kaam hone ke bad tumhara phone bajayega.”, says Mudaliar when he has not completed his work in time and somebody has been repeatedly following up with him.

Mudaiar probably in his forties sits some 2-3 bays apart from me and facing me. I always see him smiling. He will either be smiling at his own work on his laptop or listening to other guys in his team scolding their juniors over the phone – his smile bursts into laughter when the call ends. Bursts? No, the word for that transition is 'Blasts!' After enjoying every bit of the call he says,”Kya boss, gabbar singh jaisa chillaega to bacha dar jayega.”

He and his team probably looks into vehicle loans and following up with defaulters. These guys follow up with their juniors who directly follow up with the customer. Even Mudaliar enjoys making fun of his juniors. A fellow once came for a signature on some document to which Mudaliar said,

“Aaj muje sign karneka man hi nahi hai.. kal aa na”
“Sir, kal bhi aisa hi bola tha aapne”
“Ha to kal aane bola na..Aaj kyun aya, kal aa” and the laughters follow. When you hear the laugh, its only Mudaliar but when you see, its everybody laughing; such demonic is his laughter.

He always gets up from his seat and properly tucks in shirt and if someone tells him to go to the washroom to do that, Mudaliar makes sure that the 'someone' would never dare to suggest him anything in future.

He is sad today. Seems like his bay has been covered with a much needed sound-proof glass. No dialogues and laughs from morning - this is his last day here. He will be joining at some other place from tomorrow. “The Mudaliars never cry”, with tears all over his face, Mudaliar finally released his emotions to the entire circle. Not only his friends and team members but the entire 10m radius circle I mentioned earlier will miss this over-animated and extremely South-Indian Mudaliar.

Now that I have a revealed quite a few things about this Mudaliar guy without his permission, should I fear this guy? Naah! I have changed your name Prasad Murugan Mudaliar!


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